Old English Grammar


Exercises corresponding to each chapter of A Gentle Introduction to Old English will be posted here.

Chapter 1: Some Grammatical Terminology You Will Need

Chapter 2: Pronunciation and Spelling of Old English

Chapter 3: Strong Nouns and an Introduction to Old English Cases

Chapter 4: Demonstratives; Nominative and Genitive Cases

Chapter 5: A Few Old English Verbs; Accusative and Dative Cases

Chapter 6: Weak Verbs; Subjunctive, Participles, Infinitives

Chapter 7: Strong Nouns and Cases

Chapter 8: Strong Verbs; Personal Pronouns

Chapter 9: Weak Nouns and Noun Oddities; Numerals

Chapter 10: Adjectives

Chapter 11: Word Order in Noun Phrases and Sentences; the Subjunctive

Chapter 12: Old English Metre, Poetic Diction, and Poetic Syntax